ImmunoPrecise is excited to offer custom Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody development services. Our proprietary technology screens the immune repertoire of the rabbit creating the power to select the desired antibody directly from B-cells.

The Rabbit Advantage

  • Uses proprietary B-cell Select Platform
  • High affinity antibodies without the traditional cell fusion step; avoids stability issues commonly associated with hybridomas
  • Recombinant antibody ensures preservation of genetic information
  • Both a monoclonal and polyclonal end product
  • Utilization of rabbit immune system to generate antibodies against different epitopes on the same antigen
Project Phases Timeframe
I. Immunization

  • Immunization of 2x female NZW rabbits
  • Antigen requirements:
    • 4mg of protein antigen
    • 2mg KLH & 2mg BSA conjugated peptide

Phase I customization options

  • Extra Boosting
  • Extra Rabbits Immunized
  • Antigen Multiplexing
  • Choice of Adjuvant

30-78 Days


II. Enrichment & Selection

  • Isolation and culturing of B-cells
  • Identification of specific B-cells

Phase II customization options

  • Extra Boosting
  • Extra Rabbits Immunized
  • Antigen Multiplexing
  • Choice of Adjuvant

11 Days

RMAT phase 2

 III. Cloning & Expression

  • Clone heavy and light chains into expression vectors
  • Cotransfect heavy and light chain plasmids in mammalian cell line for antibody expression
  • Identification of antigen specific antibodies

Phase III customization options

  • Shipment of recombinant antibody supernatant for client testing
  • Transfection of different mammalian cell lines

30 Days

RMAT phase 3


  • DNA Sequence of heavy & light chain variable regions
  • ~20mL of cell culture supernatant containing recombinant mAb
  • Final report

Additional Deliverables

  • Choice of extra clones
  • Purification of recombinant mAb from 20mL cell culture supernatant
  • Full heavy & light chain genes cloned into non-proprietary plasmid
  • Large scale expression & purification

Typical rabbit recombinant monoclonal antibody applications

  • Western Blot, ELISA, IHC
  • Immunoproteomics
  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics

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