As leaders in hybridoma development, ImmunoPrecise offers our own cutting edge and rapid antibody development service in addition to our custom standard monoclonal antibody development service. We custom develop mAbs to an array of antigens including peptides, modified peptides, recombinant proteins, DNA plasmids, small molecules and anti-idiotypic antibodies.

Mouse Rapid Prime Monoclonal Antibody Development

Rapid Prime is ImmunoPrecise’s proprietary custom monoclonal antibody development service. This rapid immunization strategy saves weeks in development time. When coupled with our Single-Step cloning procedure, positive hybridoma cell lines are identified in 65 days. This rapid immunization procedure does not compromise on affinity. It consistently generates large numbers of IgG clones specific for antigen. Click here for more Rapid Prime information.

This popular choice for antibody development can be paired with 2 standard method mice which serve as a contingency plan. Contact us and ask about our “Rapid Prime plus Contingency” antibody design.

Standard Method Monoclonal Antibody Development in Mice & Rats

ImmunoPrecise’s custom standard monoclonal antibody development service is the gold standard in antibody development. Intraperitoneal injections and a choice of adjuvant is available to suit the client’s specific needs. When this traditional immunization procedure is coupled with our Single-Step cloning method, weeks are shaved off the timeline of monoclonal development. Click here for more Standard Method information.

For a comparison of features between Rapid Prime and Standard Method, please refer to the comparison chart in our FAQ section here.