ImmunoPrecise is an approved OmniAb® service provider for human antibody development.

ImmunoPrecise is pleased to be an approved OmniAb® service provider. We have successfully adapted our Rapid Prime immunization and B Cell Select strategies and our antibody development platform to OmniAb animals for delivery of a diverse repertoire of antigen-specific antibodies with an industry-leading timeframe.

The Platform

Ligand Pharmaceutical’s OmniAb® transgenic rodents – OmniRat®, OmniMouse® and OmniFlic® – produce highly diversified antibody repertoires and offer accelerated discovery of fully human therapeutic antibodies that are naturally optimized in vivo for manufacturability, efficacy and reduced immunogenicity.

ImmunoPrecise’s proprietary immunization and development platform works directly with OmniAb® animals for human therapeutic antibody discovery. Based on hybridoma technology, our platform includes isolation of clones from semi-solid medium. We have the capability to perform a variety of immunization protocols with OmniAb® animals including protein, peptide, DNA, or whole cell immunization.

By establishing a collaborative workflow between the client, Ligand, and the breeding facility, we can take a project from a target sequence to immunization, fusion, screening and delivery of the desired antibody.

Let our team of experienced scientists work with you to customize your human antibody development campaign.

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