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Recent News & Releases: ImmunoPrecise Opens New Full Service B cell Facility

ImmunoPrecise’s B cell Select antibody discovery platform uses innovative and advanced technology that allows for antibody screening from any species of animal, from any tissue sample, to allow for earlier hit identification compared to traditional technologies. Our scientists are leaders in B cell selection technology and are ready to help you with your next project.

The B cell Select Advantage

  • Greater diversity of animal repertoires
  • Applicable to any protein class, complex therapeutics targets, GPCRs and ion channels
  • Maintains native heavy and light chain pairings
  • Rapid immunization methods available
  • Visualization of sequence diversity
  • Applicable to transgenics and wild type animals

Please call us at 1-250-483-0308 or by email at contact.ipa@immunoprecise.com. You may also reach us by completing our online form.