ImmunoPrecise is proud to announce the addition of in-house and custom phage libraries to our growing service offerings through our recent expansion in Europe.  Through construction and screening of scFv and VHH phage display libraries, we are able to generate monoclonal antibodies in a diverse range of animal species against non-immunogenic and toxic targets.

We offer access to our proprietary in-house human and llama VHH phage libraries, and the construction of custom immune libraries prepared from any tissue of any species. Access to our royalty-free scFv and VHH repertoires, along with expertise in protein and antibody engineering positions ImmunoPrecise as a desirable provider for bispecific development.

A Powerful Method for Therapeutic Antibody Development

Through phage display, ImmunoPrecise is able of offer another avenue of therapeutic antibody discovery; positioning us as a full-service CRO offering the whole value chain of antibody discovery platforms in order to deliver the largest, most diverse panel of antibodies for a therapeutic campaign.

Phage Advantages

Diversity – Specificity – Stability

  • Access to naïve and disease human, and naïve llama immune repertoires from our in-house libraries
  • Custom immune libraries prepared from blood, spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow of any immunized animal platform.
  • llama VHH antibodies offer high stability and small size
  • Extensive screening to generate a panel of specific, targeted antibodies, with unlimited re-screening, of the library repertoires
  • Library derived sequences for bispecific development

To learn more about our Phage Display offerings and how they can meet your needs, get in touch with one of our representatives today.