We offer professional consultation and consulting services for your R&D needs. Meet our Principal Scientists:

Andra Li, PhD.

Director of Molecular Services

Andra Li has spent the past 6 years at IPA refining the rabbit monoclonal antibody technology platform and developing ImmunoProtect as part of their new service offerings. In addition to her role as Director, Dr. Li manages all operations of IPA’s molecular unit. Dr. Li holds a BSc and a PhD in Biochemistry from University of Victoria. During her graduate studies, she examined the role of histone variants in double stranded DNA repair. Dr. Li was awarded an NSERC Industrial Research and Development Postdoctoral Fellowship to generate single chain antibodies from rabbit monoclonal antibodies at ImmunoPrecise.

Barry Duplantis, PhD.

Senior Scientific Leader

Barry Duplantis joined the IPA team in 2018, playing a key role in program design and client relations. Barry received a double major in Biochemistry and Chemistry, and his Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Victoria in 2011, where he specialized in intracellular pathogenesis, bacterial genetics and synthetic biology. He subsequently founded and was Chief Executive Officer of DuVax Vaccines and Reagents Inc, a biotechnology company that specialized in the development of bacterial vaccines. Under Barry, DuVax successfully entered into collaborative research projects with two major pharmaceutical companies and delivered vaccines candidates for two separate pilot studies. He was awarded the NSERC Innovation Challenge Award in 2012 for his inventive vaccine technology and has also sat on the advisory board of biotechnology companies in the Victoria and Vancouver, B.C. areas.

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