Direct Access to Our Principal Scientists

With three Principal Scientists on staff and our founder who co-pioneered Single-Step cloning , we offer professional consultation and consulting services for your R&D needs. Meet our Principal Scientists:

Deanna Dryhurst, PhD.

Chief Scientific Officer

Deanna Dryhurst received her BSc in Biology from the University of Victoria where she also received her PhD in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology. During her graduate studies, she worked on chromatin dynamics and epigenetics with a focus on prostate cancer. Deanna received an NSERC Industrial Research and Development Postdoctoral Fellowship to work on a platform for rabbit monoclonal antibody development at ImmunoPrecise Antibodies. She has been with ImmunoPrecise since 2010 and has been the Principal Investigator on an NRC IRAP grant and has collaborated with university faculty members on NSERC Engage grants.

Andra Li, PhD.

Director of Research & Development

Andra Li has spent the past 6 years at IPA refining the rabbit monoclonal antibody technology platform and developing ImmunoProtect as part of their new service offerings. In addition to her role as Director, Dr. Li manages all operations of IPA’s molecular unit. Dr. Li holds a BSc and a PhD in Biochemistry from University of Victoria. During her graduate studies, she examined the role of histone variants in double stranded DNA repair. Dr. Li was awarded an NSERC Industrial Research and Development Postdoctoral Fellowship to generate single chain antibodies from rabbit monoclonal antibodies at ImmunoPrecise.

David Kroeger, PhD.

Senior Scientific Advisor

David Kroeger joined the IPA team in 2017 bringing with him a broad skillset in immunology, immuno-oncology, and antibody technology. He earned his PhD in immunology at the University of Saskatchewan in 2012 where he studied cellular interactions between B cells and T cells and their immunological outcomes. Dr. Kroeger then pursued postdoctoral training at the BC Cancer Agency. During his time, he studied the immune response to human cancer and made discoveries regarding the role of B cells in antitumor immunity. In addition to basic research, Dr. Kroeger made translational contributions including developing methods for cloning fully human antibodies from single tumor infiltrating B cells.

A Personalized Approach to Your Most Difficult Projects

Project personalization starts with a dedicated Principal or Senior Scientist as your project lead; to help manage your project today as well as all of your future pipeline custom mAb development needs. Taking this approach enables us to rapidly build a constructive professional working relationship based upon project data driven communications and collaboration. Our belief in actively investing in our client relationships has greatly aided us and our clients grow over the past 25 years through successful, high quality project outcomes.

Proprietary Technologies to Rapidly Provide High Affinity mAbs

IPA uses proprietary and innovative inoculation and cloning technologies, as well as established expertise, to produce mAbs significantly faster than traditional methods of antibody production. With these capacities IPA has produced hundreds of mAbs, many of which are now being sold commercially through industry partners.

Adaptive Lab Operations Allowing for In Process Project Add-Ons

To service your most difficult projects, our lab operations have been structured around providing project flexibility with the ability for in-process project add-ons. Additionally, we have established specific client touchpoints to review preliminary project results and discuss any changes to project direction to help clients get the most out of their investment.

See our add-ons:

  • In vitro bioreactor concentration
  • In vivo ascites production
  • Small and large scale antibody purification
  • Specialized assays
  • Media choice options
  • Cell banking and cryostorage